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Arbury Archive Album - 1: March 1983: The Jenny Wren Pub in Arbury and the Green Dragon Pub in Chesterton Unite for Frisbee Throwing Charity Effort...

Two rival pubs, the Jenny Wren in North Arbury and the Green Dragon in East Chesterton, united in their rivalry to raise money for the unit for visually impaired and blind children at the Manor Community College in Arbury Road. The 'daft challenge' chosen was frisbee throwing. The 'Jenny' won, and both teams were happy at the £900 raised for the Manor unit. Enjoy the article and photograph from the Cambridge Weekly News above. Also... were you there? Let us know in the comments!

1986/1987/1988: Mrs Hinchcliffe's Old Arbury, Chesterton And Vicarage Terrace Memories - Part 4

The fourth part of Mrs Grace Hinchcliffe's memories, contributed to the Arbury Archive in the mid-to-late 1980s. Mrs Hinchcliffe (1910-1998) was Andy's grandmother. She had a marvellous memory and her recollections of Old Arbury and Chesterton life - and her maternal grandparents' home in Vicarage Terrace - always held Andy spell-bound. 'I remember going over to Arbury one day, and it was just starting to rain when I set out from Milton Road. Just spitting. When I got to Manor Farm, I went to see Grandma and I was sitting in her big old kitchen and she was making a pie and I was watching her, cutting up the meat and rolling out the pastry, and the old wind started blowing outside and the rain was coming down real fast and pattering on the window and the window frames were rattling... old sash windows they were... and it was really gloomy in there, but cosy.  'I was chattering away to Grandma and she was chattering away to me and it was lovely. I was thinking the oth