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Mrs Hinchcliffe's Memories of Old Arbury, Chesterton and Vicarage Terrace - Part 7

The seventh part of the recollections of Mrs Grace Hinchcliffe (1910-1998), contributed to the Arbury Archive in the 1980s. Continuing memories of the hot and turbulent summer of 1921... 'My birthday was coming up - I was going to be eleven. Imagine that - I was all excited! And then Miss Lawn got murdered. Now, I know, looking back, a lot of us think things were better in those days. And they  were  when it came to crime. But we weren't living in some sort of... well... paradise. Things  did  happen. I remember, some years later, when I had kiddies of my own, a woman stabbing a baby parked in its pram outside Joshua Taylor's in town. I go cold to think of that. All sorts of things went on - like now, but less of it. Of course, when I was a kiddie, you didn't hear so much - we didn't have the wireless or the telly or anything. We got the paper and that was it. 'Miss Lawn's murder was a big thing in Cambridge. And it really hit us because we always went to he

Arbury Carnival, 2023 At Arbury Town Park, Campkin Road, Saturday, 10th June, 11am-5pm.

The 2023 Arbury Carnival kicks off at Arbury Town Park in Campkin Road at 11am on Saturday, 10 June. There are many attractions, and the procession makes its way across the historic Arbury Meadows, starting from Minerva Way at 12 noon. We hope people will support this great community event, which was first held in 1977. We can't be there this year, but we shall certainly be there in spirit. Have a wonderful day, everybody!

1977: A Dunkirk Boat For The Arbury Adventure Playground - The Arbury Noah's Ark!

Thanks to Mrs Summers who sent us this  Cambridge Evening News  article about an exciting addition to the Arbury Adventure Playground on the Nuns Way Playing Field from August 1977.  Veteran of Dunkirk Heads for Children's Adventure Playground A gallant little craft with a heart of gold is set to leave her peaceful retirement berth on the waters of the Cam. She is not exactly beautiful, but to shell-shocked troops on the wartime Dunkirk beaches she was the answer to a prayer. In 1940, Goldfin was one of the flotilla of little boats the nation took to its heart after that epic rescue. Now she is destined for another "battleground" - the Arbury Adventure Playground in Cambridge. Her owner, Mr Jeffrey Perkins, couldn't bear the thought of his former personal carrier suffering the indignity of nautical senility. He has spent much time and money restoring her over the last ten years. So he gave her to play leader Bob Asby to be brought back to life by the under-fives [unde

1970: A North Arbury Letter In The Daily Mirror...

North Arbury, home of the Arbury Adventure Playground, Arbury Community Centre, North Arbury Chapel, Arbury Town Park, North Arbury Post Office, etc, etc, made it into print in a TV inspired letter in the Daily Mirror in March, 1970. I (Badger) wasn't born in 1970, but I know a bit about Nana! Imagine, a £6.00 licence fee! The letter writer was R. Turner. Any relation to the legendary Turner of Turner's Fish Locker in Arbury Court, I wonder? A song from Nana Mouskouri way back in 1970 below: