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Mrs Hinchcliffe's Memories of Old Arbury, Chesterton and Vicarage Terrace - Part 6

From the Arbury Archive, contributed in the late 1980s, the sixth part of Mrs Grace Hinchcliffe's memories. Mrs Hinchcliffe (1910-1998) was Andy's grandmother. Her fund of memories of Arbury & Chesterton Past, transcribed from the original interviews, make fascinating reading. This week, we enter the turbulent summer of 1921... 'When I started at Milton Road School my parents paid... I think it was sixpence a week for me to go. While I was there, the fee was cut out. Now, you might think Mum and Dad would be pleased. Mum wasn't. I didn't understand it properly, but she said standards would drop and this was charity and all sorts of things. She was disgusted and got quite het up about it. 'So, it was decided I'd go to a private school. Dad went along with it - he idolised me. But some of my aunts looked at me funny and when I went over to Arbury, Grandma Brett said: "Well! Aren't you a posh girl now?!" Nobody in the family had ever been to p