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Arbury, 1904...

Arbury Camp (remains of) and Arbury Camp Farm on a 1904 map. Note the earthwork. The two farms which were built over to create North and South Arbury in the 1950s and 1960s were called Hall and Manor Farms. The entrance to Hall Farm was around where Carlton Way is now; the entrance to Manor Farm was just slightly closer to the houses on the right hand side than the roadway at the Arbury Road junction with Campkin Road now.  The Manor Farm 'drive' was narrower than the new road, so now lies partly under front gardens and partly under the pavement. Two cottages, Numbers 1 and 2 Manor Farm Cottages, stood in the middle of what is now Campkin Road - and, today, traffic passes over the spot! Travelling back to Arbury in 1904 would be an interesting trip for any time machine owner. Arbury Road, known locally as Arbury Meadow Road, was longer than now - and connected with Histon Road.  The 'Meadow' part of the name probably related to the fact that the land north of Arbury Roa