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Arbury Court - Part Of The 'Centre' Of The Original Arbury Estate...

A view across Arbury Court, looking towards Arbury Road, in 1987. Arbury Court is part of the 'centre' of the original Arbury Estate in Cambridge. The Court, with its pub, supermarket, hardware store and post office, chip shop, newsagent, TV shop, greengrocer, hairdresser, chemist, supermarket and branch library, is part of the 'hub' of the estate. Arbury Road marks the boundary of North and South Arbury, and also binds the neighbourhood together. As work began on North Arbury and the old Manor Farm/Arbury Meadows became the new estate north of Arbury Road, most of Arbury Court was already built, and beside the Court the Church of the Good Shepherd, the church for the Christian worshippers on the estate, was on the way. The estate's senior school, The Manor, was built in North Arbury, on the northern side of Arbury Road, around the same time as Arbury Court - its opening year was 1959. A Christmas 1977 'Cambridge Evening News' advertising feature for Arbury