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Arbury Snippets 7: The Record Breaker At The Jenny Wren, an International Initiative at Arbury Adventure Playground and Late 19th and Early 20th Century Playtimes in Rural Arbury...

Ah, the days of fund raising for the Arbury Adventure Playground on the Nun's Way playing field! Having somewhere safe and supervised for the many children of the district to play was a very high priority. In 1970, 'Arbury's marathon singer' Tony Coleno of Cameron Road, made a record-breaking contribution to the funds... Arbury's marathon singer, Tony Coleno, slept for 18 hours last night after breaking the world record for solo non-stop singing by 12 minutes. He sang from 8 am on Saturday until 11.15 am on Sunday. Mr Coleno, of 46 Cameron Road, survived on a diet of soft drinks and beverages, chewing gum, indigestion tablets and throat spray, and raised almost £100 for the Arbury Adventure Playground Association. The marathon took place at the Jenny Wren public house, Campkin Road. The landlady, Mrs Valerie McCord, said today: 'He was really marvellous, fresh as a daisy even at the end. 'On Saturday night, when he'd been singing for 13 hours, he got up

Arbury Carnival 2024 - We Love The '80s & '90s

The wonderful Arbury Carnival this year takes as its theme the 1980s and 1990s. The fabulous procession will be making its way across the old Arbury Meadows from Minerva Way to the Arbury Town Park, where there will be many attractions to make a great day. That fabulous mythical creature the kracken was a benevolent presence at last year's Carnival, as it romped across the historic Arbury Meadows from Minerva Way to the Arbury Town Park. As usual, the Carnival is organised by volunteers - for the community by the community - and, as usual, we say a great big thank you to all those involved. The '80s and '90s... well, decades of huge change and colourful fashions. We still remember the Rubik's Cube and the shell suits and the brick sized mobile phones (available in the UK from 1985 onwards) and the invention of the World Wide Web and the deely boppers and the Kids From Fame and the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the launch of the Space Shuttle and the Power Dressing and th