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Arbury Community Centre: When The Writing Was On The Big Red Wall...

The Arbury Community Centre on the Arbury Town Park in Campkin Road, was campaigned for by the Arbury Community Association and other community members, and took years to become reality. Next year will mark fifty years of the Centre. The beginnings were fraught with financial difficulties, and even in May 1974, shortly before the official opening, nothing was secure. Arbury Ward councillor Peter Cowell, and others, stated that the centre needed more financial input from the Council.  Said Mr Cowell:  'It looks like being a white elephant before we even get it off the ground.' However, the centre survived and does to this day. But 1974 also brought more problems - this time with the centre's original signage: From the Cambridge Evening News , May 14, 1974: Residents see red over community centre sign Residents living opposite the new Arbury Community Centre, in Campkin Road, are seeing red - in more senses than one. The centre's temporary corrugated iron end-wall is fini